How to Lose Calories

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How to Lose Calories

Lose Calories = Lose Weight

Losing weight can be tedious process, if you do not know how. But actually it is basically just a numbers game: Eat fewer calories to lose more pounds! Below are some tips that will teach you to lose calories without starving yourself and ultimately your weight!

Lose Calories via Healthy Substitutions

Consume healthier substitutions that contain your favourite flavors. For instance, instead of that pint of chocolate ice-cream when you have a craving for something chocolaty and rich, choose healthier substitutes like a sugar-free fudge pop or reduced fat chocolate pudding. Other good substitutions include low-fat dairy products instead of whole milk products; leaner cuts of meat instead of fattier cuts; air-popped popcorn or rice cakes instead of chips; trans-fat free margarine instead of butter; and whole fruit instead of fruit juice. Doing this you will lose calories without a drastic change in your eating habits.

Lose Calories by Consuming More

This sounds incredible… but yes! Eating more does help you lose calories! Studies have shown that your appetite can be controlled via consumption of smaller but more frequent meals. This approach allows you reduce your calories in two ways. Firstly it prevents you from getting too hungry. Excess hunger is the number one reason that causes people to stop dieting and engage in binging!

Secondly, smaller meals will keep your metabolism active allowing your body to burn calories faster and you will lose calories in the process.  This is near-effortless way to reduce and lose calories in your daily habits!

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Lose Calories by Performing Daily Tasks

Instead of long workouts, running your daily errands and doing chores are also ways that aid you in losing the extra calories. Working in your garden and lawns allow you to burn up to 700 calories an hour depending on your job nature and your body weight. If you have kids or pets, bring them to the park for an hour of swinging, sliding and Frisbee catching. These activities allow you to lose up to 300 calories or more!

When running errands, use the stairs, instead of elevators; park at the furthest lot when visiting stores are several small changes that will ultimately amount up to long term rewards of losing calories.

Lose Calories through Yoga

Yoga is a great exercise for beginners. Practising yoga allows the building up of strength, increasing of flexibility, and aid in the prevention of heart and metabolic diseases. It is also an effective stress reducer. Begin with 15 – 30 minutes of yoga daily. Good beginner sequences can be found online with gradual progression to more advanced poses. Do not be intimidated by the advanced poses; yoga masters were once beginners like us!


All these tips will allow you to lose calories without depriving yourself. Therefore the last thing to do is to put them into practice. Take one step at a time; try to make one small change per week until you are used to your new and healthier lifestyle. Be sure to eat right and exercise! After a few weeks, there will be a new healthier and slimmer you!

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